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2017 Season Records

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2017 Final Points Standings

After eight (of eight) races:
    Place  Driver           Car              Points
      1    Gary Sturgeon    John Player Lotus  44
      2    Garry Kaluzny    McLaren            37
      3    Richard White    Brabham            34
      4    Mike Cook        Camel Lotus        32
      5    Jack Beckman     Ferrari            29
      6    Gary Kempen      Ferrari             8
      7T   Jim Landis       Benetton            6
      7T   Greg Lim         Motorola            6
      7T   Brian Robinson   Walker Racing       6  
     10    Jim Robinson     Williams            3
     11    Mike Manderachia Ligier              2
     12T   Russ Herschler   Minardi             0
     12T   Chad Marlett     Red Bull            0
     12T   Tim Gould        McLaren             0
     12T   Mike St. Peter   Mercedes            0
     12T   Jim Magnanti     Benetton            0
     12T   Mike Hernandez   McLaren             0

2017 CFR-Detroit Champion: Gary Sturgeon.

2017 Tom Kane Memorial Award (for the most sportsmanlike driver): Greg Lim.

2017 Schedule of Races

2017 Race by Race Results

Each driver's qualifying bid amount is listed after their name. Pole Position and Winners of each race are in bold.

Race 1: Italian Grand Prix: Monza (CFR design), September 8, 2017, at Guild of Blades, Clawson, Michigan.

Race 2: British Grand Prix: Silverstone (CFR design), October 13, 2017, at RIW Hobbies & Games, Livonia, Michigan.

Race 3: Monaco Grand Prix: Monte Carlo (Avalon Hill design, modified), November 10, 2017, at Imperium Games, Wixom, Michigan.

Race 4: Belgian Grand Prix: Spa-Francorchamps (custom design), December 8, 2017, at Pandemonium Games & Hobbies, Garden City, Michigan.

Race 5: United States Grand Prix: Detroit (downtown) (custom design), January 12, 2018, at RIW Hobbies & Games, Livonia, Michigan.

Race 6: Canadian Grand Prix: Gilles Villeneuve (Avalon Hill design), February 16, 2018, at Guild of Blades, Clawson, Michigan.

Race 7: Japanese Grand Prix: Suzuka (custom design), March 9, 2018, at Imperium Games, Wixom, Michigan.

Race 8: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: Yas Marina (CFR design), April 13, 2018, at Pandemonium Games & Hobbies, Garden City, Michigan.

2017 Records

Most Starts
RankDriver# Starts
1Jack Beckman8
1Mike Cook8
1Garry Kaluzny8
1Greg Lim8
1Gary Sturgeon8
1Richard White8
7Brian Robinson7
8Jim Robinson6
9Gary Kempen5
9Jim Landis5
11Chad Marlett3
12Russ Herschler2
12Mike St. Peter2
14Tim Gould1
14Mike Hernandez1
14Jim Magnanti1
14Mike Manderachia1
Most Finishes
RankDriver# Finishes
1Garry Kaluzny8
1Gary Sturgeon8
1Richard White8
4Jack Beckman7
4Mike Cook7
4Greg Lim7
4Brian Robinson7
8Jim Robinson6
9Jim Landis5
10Gary Kempen3
10Chad Marlett3
12Russ Herschler2
12Mike St. Peter2
14Tim Gould1
14Jim Magnanti1
14Mike Manderachia1
14Mike Hernandez0
Highest % of Finishes
RankDriver% Finished# Races
1Garry Kaluzny100%8
1Gary Sturgeon100%8
1Richard White100%8
1Brian Robinson100%7
1Jim Robinson100%6
1Jim Landis100%5
1Chad Marlett100%3
1Russ Herschler100%2
1Mike St. Peter100%2
1Tim Gould100%1
1Jim Magnanti100%1
1Mike Manderachia100%1
13Jack Beckman88%8
13Mike Cook88%8
13Greg Lim88%8
16Gary Kempen60%5
17Mike Hernandez0%1

Most DNFs
RankDriver# DNFs
1Gary Kempen2
2Jack Beckmank1
1Mike Cook1
1Mike Hernandez1
1Greg Lim1
Most Pole Positions
RankDriver# Poles
1Mike Cook4
2Jack Beckman1
2Garry Kaluzny1
2Chad Marlett1
2Jim Robinson1
Most Wins
RankDriver# Wins
1Mike Cook2
1Garry Kaluzny2
1Gary Sturgeon2
4Jack Beckman1
4Richard White1

Most Points (10 pts for a win)
RankDriver# Points
1Gary Sturgeon44
2Garry Kaluzny37
3Richard White34
4Mike Cook32
5Jack Beckman29
6Gary Kempen8
7Jim Landis6
7Greg Lim6
7Brian Robinson6
10Jim Robinson3
11Mike Manderachia2
12Tim Gould0
12Mike Hernandez0
12Russ Herschler0
12Jim Magnanti0
12Chad Marlett0
12Mike St. Peter0
Most Points per Start (10 pts for a win)
RankDriverPts/Start# Starts
1Gary Sturgeon5.508
2Garry Kaluzny4.638
3Richard White4.258
4Mike Cook4.008
5Jack Beckman3.638
6Mike Manderachia2.001
7Gary Kempen1.605
8Jim Landis1.205
9Brian Robinson0.867
10Greg Lim0.758
11Jim Robinson0.506
12Chad Marlett0.003
12Russ Herschler0.002
12Mike St. Peter0.002
12Tim Gould0.001
12Mike Hernandez0.001
12Jim Magnanti0.001
Most Laps Led
RankDriver# Laps# Laps Led% Laps Led
1Mike Cook24729%
2Gary Sturgeon24521%
3Jack Beckman24417%
3Garry Kaluzny24417%
5Richard White2428%
6Jim Landis1517%
6Jim Robinson1816%

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